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Offering an elegant, unparalleled grooming experience with a blend of highly trained hair stylist, exclusive services, and a quintessential ambiance. all focused on the distinct needs of each man.

  • Tailored Men’s Cut
  • Requires more time and skill than traditional cuts. Pompadours, skin fades, carved parts, Mohawks, etc.

  • Traditional Men’s Cut
  • Varied classic styles: clippercuts, shears, moderate texture. Shampoo & eucalyptus infused steam towel with a hot lather neck shave.

  • Wet Shave
  • Need an escape? Love to be pampered? Shaves start with cleansing, then moisturizing the face. Hot steam towels, the shave & more.

  • Hot Head Shavee
  • Herbal shave oil is massaged into scalp, then steam towels soften the hair. Warm shaving cream helps with comfort during the shave.

  • Grey Blending
  • Reduce the grey, either slightly or significantly. This pigment will gradually fade, preventing any exposed roots between visits.

About Us

For an experience no other salon or barbershop can deliver, visit Kings Domain Gentlemen's Grooming.

There’s nothing extra-ordinary about a barbershop – unless it’s Kings Domain Gentlemen’s Grooming. The chairs may have changed over time, but to those who sit in them, our core philosophy remains the same – service each customer as if it were the first time earning their business.

While embracing the nostalgia of the old days, we distinguish ourselves from other “barbershops” with the individual care and emphasis placed on customer service. The moment you book your appointment, your experience with King’s Domain Gentlemen Grooming begins, and doesn’t end until we hear the words “I really like it”. Our professionals have years of experience and are aware that they are the key link in ensuring your satisfaction with The Kings Domain Experience.

Anyone can have a customer, but not everyone can have a client. We invite you to book your appointment online today and experience the difference – one thing is certain, you will be back!

Our Creative Team

You are in good hands with the professional staff at Kings Domain Gentlemen and Grooming. Our talented barbers can help you look and feel your best, all while in comfort.


Jo started King's Domain 4 years ago, and has 20 years experience in men's grooming. With skill in clipper and scissor techniques anything, from a military fade to “difficult hair”, is within her realm of expertise. Throughout a Jo’s career, she has become a licensed educator and trained hundreds in the industry. She attends educational conventions to remain at the forefront of trends and techniques. In addition to educating and being educated, Jo enjoys teaching clients how to better care for and manage their hair.

Kelsey C.

Kelsey arrived at King's Domain with 10 years experience in men's grooming. Originally from the Texas hill country, she's been providing exceptional service in the Katy area for the last 5 years. Kelsey enjoys a nice cup of coffee (iced sugar free vanilla latte with nonfat milk to be exact) & time with her family. In addition to mastering the art of fading, Kelsey creates a stress melting experience with a superb hot towel shave and sensational scalp massage. For a haircut and shave above all others, book your next appointment with Kelsey!

Melissa R.

Meet Melissa! Melissa grew up in Alaska, then was off to California. She landed in Texas, where she started in the industry over 10 years ago. Melissa is a licensed instructor who has trained many others to succeed in our Biz. Melissa is currently a nursing student and is homeschooling her daughter. Book with Melissa for a precision haircut or relaxing scalp massage, you will not be disappointed!

Alexandria J.

Say hello to Alexandria! A hands on professional with over 20 years of experience, specifically skilled in all realms of men's haircuts and hair care. From professional business cuts to low fades to sharp facial edging to the latest trending styles, Alexandria is equipped to make your requested style a reality. Her critical eye, matched with her attention to detail will impress even the most meticulous client.

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The successful business leaders of today must project a constant air of confidence. Not only must they be competent professionals, but they must also cultivate their appearances through hair care and grooming regimens.